Zombie Shooter 2D

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2d bloody zombie shooter game for mobile phones and PC with multi-touch supporting and auto aiming / mouse control. Advanced shooting system allows to realize accuracy, recoil, stabilization, aiming speed, all/one cartridge reloading and various shooting modes (automatic, semi-automatic and bursts). 


– Dynamic accuracy (accuracy, recoil, stabilization, aiming speed) 
– Various shooting modes (automatic, semi-automatic and bursts) 
– Magazine, reloading (all/one cartridge), limited ammunition 
– Auto aiming and easy touch control 
– Mouse+keyboard control 
– 15 types of weapons 
– 6 levels 
– 3 types of enemies 
– Usage mines and turrets 
– Minimap (radar) 
– Laser sight 
– Extracting cartridge cases 
– Simple system of visibility and following to the position of the last visual contact 
– A lot of blood 
– Saving levels and money 
– Fully commented out code 
– Spawners with triggers and timers 
– Sliding doors, keys and pass cards 
– Bonuses and boxes with supplies 
– Informative game interface 
– HP regeneration (delay after receiving damage and regeneration speed) 
– Adjusting the volume and size of the joystick

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In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

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Development Hours
Category Action
Platforms Unity 2018
Frameworks Unity
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