Review your purchase and get the chance to win $199 USD for FREE! – 2020 Challenge!


2020 Challenge is now open!

This is your Chance to get $199 USD for your next purchases on Sell My App 100% Free!

We would like to thank all of our buyers that contributed to our growing community. Sell My App is growing every month thanks to you – our loyal buyers and non stop working developers that publish new exciting source codes every Week!

So now it’s the time for us to reward you. In the next two weeks – three lucky winners will get $199 USD in credit to buy his/her next source code on Sell My App!

In the end of each announcement date (see dates below) we take all reviews that were left by all buyers during the week and shuffle them.

One order number will come up and will be announced as the winner. This winner will get $199 USD for their next purchase on Sell My app!

New Dates of our upcoming prize announcements are:

Three winners will make it this month and will win $199 USD for their next purchase on Sell My App!

20.04.20 – The winner is Altaf Syed! Congratulations!

25.04.20 – The winner is Hoai Nam Nguyen! Congratulations!

30.04.20 – The winner is Ashkan GhK! Congratulations!


Former Dates of our prize announcements are:

15.08.16 – The winner is Daniele Dalcin! Congratulations!

15.09.16 – The winner is Tuchchai Aon! Congratulations!

15.10.16 – The winner is Ferdi Arda! Congratulations! 


How do I leave a review for my purchase?

Step 1 – visit the product page you want to rate and click on the REVIEWS tab


Step 2 – Rate your purchase from 1 to 5 stars, write a short title for your review and a comment. and click SUBMIT 


Step 3 – Your are in for the next Shuffle with a chance to win $199 USD for your next purchase on Sell My App!

Isn’t it awesome?!

Rules of participation :

  1. You need to be a buyer on the marketplace to leave a review. 
  2. You can use the prize only for your next purchases on Sell My App.
  3. You can’t transfer the prize to another user.
  4. It’s never too late to rate, you can rate a purchase even if you made it a year ago.
  5. the participation counts according to the date you left your review.
  6. You need to agree to write a short thank you response as the winner. You may choose to use a nickname or your name according to your wish.
  7. The nickname and response of the winner will be published on our blog after we announce the winner.
  8. If you have made several orders it just increases your chances to win. each Review equals a chance to win.

So Why are we doing this?

First of all because you have been an awesome community and you have proven to us that you want Sell My App to stick around for many years by buying source codes every month and constantly publishing new items on our marketplace.

Second of all we are always looking for new exciting ways to reward you and surprise you.

Lastly we are aware that even though rating a purchase is a small task, time is still money so here you go – A great chance to win money for your time :)

What are you waiting for? go and rate your purchases now!



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