Reskin Terms & Conditions

Reskin Disclaimer

  • We guarantee well made, good looking, working products and we stand by that.
  • Our art packs come back to you in a matter of 20 business days. Many times they may come back to you sooner depending on the size of the app.
  • Our artists are working at the highest speeds to keep up with it all and sometimes we get a small backlog and that’s why we state the 20 day turn over time, just in case there are people before you in line. Regardless, our Art Manager will confirm the starting of the project via your inbox on your dashboard area and lets you know that your order is in process within 1 business day of ordering. He will be your point of contact and you can direct and questions to him. Our artists are great at understanding what you want and rest assured you don’t need to email the art team for anything unless you have forgotten something. We have instructed them not to bother you because you are a busy person and we want this to be a stress free experience for you!
  • After your order you will receive a message from our art manager, make sure you put the proper name and or description of the theme of your app. Please follow the different suggestions and requests on that message in order for us to understand your needs and deliver you with the highest work quality possible.
  • Please note that business days are North American Mon – Fri.
  • During the 20 day process you will have samples screens sent to you through the messaging system at first and you are to approve them.
  • Please make sure you check your inbox and reply. If you don’t reply in a timely fashion we cannot assure your game will be on time and we do not take responsibility for overdue games if you do not reply in a timely manner, as we wait it cuts into the time we would be chopping, sizing and naming your files.
  • After you reply to your samples sheets we will proceed to finish the game. Once our Art Manager sends the final packs to you, you have 5 days to look it over and let us know if everything is ok. If you have not replied in 5 days we assume you are happy with the package and we close the file.
  • We do not do edits on graphics packs we have done in the past and the customer has just now decided they wanted changes when before they said it was all fine. So please make sure to make up your mind the first time!
  • We make a point not to harass you so please don’t expect daily updates and emails. We don’t work like a traditional freelance employee. We try to make it easy on you and provide you with an A+ final product with minimal work so you don’t have to stress.
  • Please do not pick trademarked characters or names for your games! If you do we will message you and tell you it’s a trademark and to change your choice of theme. We have no problem copying other games for you but if it’s a Disney character for example, we won’t do it because we know Apple will reject you and you will come back to us for edits. So please choose wisely and if you insist we do something we know will get rejected, then you cannot come back for free edits after the fact when you realize it’s not working.
  • Remember these are good quality reskins, but to move quickly you should not be picky or overly insane about things such as color or slight positions. We reskin exactly as the game is now and our artists are accustomed to making a great design! Try not to obsess over your reskin or you might be leaving money on the table. Move fast!

Programming Disclaimer

  • Programming takes approx. 5 additional business days on top of the graphics time. It’s hard to actually say the total turnaround time since we may be really fast at getting your art complete. So either way it will be back to you and complete within no longer than 25 business days but usually much sooner. In cases where you purchase a reskin and launch of a bigger scale source code we will notify you and let you know the timeframe that is needed to complete your project. In some cases it will require a longer period of time to work on your project.
  • The things we do not offer in this programming package are any additional changes to the code. We only reskin the code you own and we have that exact codes fixed up and working great on our side as well.
  • We don’t do anything beyond what the code already is. No added features or additional objects. new features and modifications can be requested and can be done with an extra cost.
  • We offer graphics put into the code and testing to ensure it’s a final product.
  • After we hand the final product to you, you have 5 days to tell us if there are any issues. So please make sure to test and let us know.
  • We do not offer free edits to your code after you have closed the order. Once is closed that code is now yours and complete.

No Refund Policy

  •  After placing your order you will get a message from the reskin team with questions about your desired theme, colors and examples or references (optional) to themes you like. once the reskin team has all this information the work on your Reskin project had started.
  • Once the work on the the project was started there will be no refund.