Preparing your code

A. Getting your code onto SellMyApp

There are a few steps to follow to get your code onto SellMyApp. Below is an overview:

Prepare your code

– Choose your best codes you have in your portfolio. – Create a detailed technical guide that explains how to customize your code into a new app. – Compress your code into a .zip or .rar file only.  

Upload your Code to SellMyApp

– Give your code a title, category and a description. – Upload the code and documentation files in a .zip or .rar file only. We review & publish your Code in the shortest time possible.  

B. Prepare your Download file

Once you have chosen the best code(s) you have in your portfolio, there are a few things to do to prepare it for uploading to SellMyApp. – Create a technical guide / reskin instructions be included inside your zip file which details how purchasers of your code can reskin it and edit the various IDs before they upload it to the app store. Feel free to include screenshots or demo videos which illustrate the functionality of your code – An example technical guide can be found in this link – Organise your files into different folders so it is easy to see your items.For example:A ‘source’ folder for the code’s files. A ‘documentation’ folder for the technical guide. A ‘images’ folder for the images required to be changed in your code by the purchaser. – Compress your code and it’s documentation into a single file, using a .zip or .rar file extension.      

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