Mobile Monetization

Top 15 Mobile Ad Networks for Game Developers

Effectively monetizing your mobile game isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Joining an ad network and sticking a few ads up is simple enough, of course, but making the best use of your advertising space so as to drive as much revenue as possible is much more difficult. Our round-up of the 15 best ad… Read more

What Appreneurs Can Learn About Monetization from Pokemon GO

As of July 13th, Pokemon GO is the biggest mobile game in history. Given the fact that everybody (I mean that in the literal sense) is playing it and that it’s been plastered across every newspaper and news channel in some form, it’s world-beating success will probably come as no surprise. The only difference is… Read more

9 Tips to Increase Your App’s eCPM

Ask any app developer if they want to increase their eCPM and they’ll almost certainly answer with a resounding yes. Despite this, most in-app ad strategies are under-tested and under-optimized. The result is that many developers are needlessly losing out on revenue. Whilst there are lots (and I mean lots) of ways to potentially notch… Read more