Mobile Indiedevs Spotlight

He quit his job as a trader and reached 7,000,000 downloads with his game – Meet Gilbert Anthony Barouch

Anthony was pretty good on the financial end but one thought about a game he wanted to create ever since he had his first Gameboy simply couldn’t leave him. Together with a partner he started working on his game and found huge success. It was then that he made the jump to go indie and… Read more

He quit his corporate daily job to pursue his dream, becoming an entrepreneur and found success – Meet Timur Taepov

He quit his corporate daily job to pursue his dream – becoming an entrepreneur. After 5 years of attempts and failures together with his brother they created a successful game development studio and work on their own project X …  It’s truly inspiring, so read on! Timur when did you join the mobile development industry? … Read more

He built the most powerful tower defense engine source code – Meet Vladimir Tolmachev

Vladimir started his career as a game maker 4 years ago. For many years he has been playing tower defense and strategy games until he came to the conclusion it’s time to go Indie and work on his own. After taking part in the famous Steam punk defense source code and several game projects he… Read more

He opened the door for businesses to create their apps Fast & Easy – Meet Hung Ho

Hung Ho established his own mobile development firm after realizing he could do it successfully for other companies and started focusing on building app templates for businesses. Even though he considers the company small it still has a team of 25 hard working full time employees that serve businesses and agencies across the globe. Hung… Read more

He has built Rebeloper, a highly reputable source code studio in the marketplace – meet Sandor Nagy

Sandor Nagy co-founder and CTO of Rebeloper has gone a long way building one of the most trusted brands in the marketplace. He has stared with no coding knowledge at all and today he is a proud owner of his newest release “Mobile Pet” that is no less than 120,000 line of code. Yes, you… Read more

He turned his passion for art and sketching into successful colorful mini games – Meet Rizwan Ashraf!

The journey started when he got his first iPhone. Rizwan always had a creative mind as an artist and the mobile revolution opened the door for him into the gaming development industry. He got featured on the app store with his first game and today he is already working on new ones. Give it a good read, it… Read more

He transfused his online city guides into a powerful mobile solution – Meet Shields Bialasik

Shields brings us an amazing story about identifying the mobile market in time and transfusing his activity into a sustainable business. The city guide apps that shields created are used today by enterprise clients and he is bringing a most needed perspective onto the world of apps. Utilities that curate data from the surroundings and turn them into an… Read more

Todd went ALL IN on slots source codes and hit the jackpot

Todd smith brings an exciting story about his route down the indie path. He took some big risks but thanks to his creativity he was able to create a sustainable business model. Now he is dedicating himself to develop high end slots source codes. His story is being told for the first time on the… Read more

She built the most successful match 3 game engine – Meet Anya Droba

Anya shares an exciting story. A story of taking the leap of faith and going Indie. Many developers face this dilemma and many of them keep their day jobs because they are too afraid to take the risk. Anya and her husband Sergey decided to take their love for games to the next level and build… Read more

Meet the dev who made 1,000,000 downloads and reached $100 ECPM

Anatoli Eidelman reveals precious information on how he still makes crazy ECPM’S today from casino games source code and how you can do it yourself as well. He is an inspiring apprepreneur which a unique approach and dedication to the business. And he has no knowledge in coding whatsoever. This still didn’t hold him back… Read more

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