We have added STRIPE payment gateway to improve your payment experience

After many requests and in our constant efforts to improve our service to countries that don’t support Paypal and also simply for people that wish to pay with credit cards on the site. we have added STRIPE SECURED PAYMENT GATEWAY. Stripe is one of the most trusted gateway services in the world and we are… Read more

First winner in our Review challenge – Daniele Dalcin just won $199 USD !

This is an exciting start for our app review challenge! In case you still haven’t heard about it here is your chance again to understand how you can win $199 USD in credit for your next purchase on Sell My App. The review challenge invites you to post a review on your purchases and you… Read more

What Appreneurs Can Learn About Monetization from Pokemon GO

As of July 13th, Pokemon GO is the biggest mobile game in history. Given the fact that everybody (I mean that in the literal sense) is playing it and that it’s been plastered across every newspaper and news channel in some form, it’s world-beating success will probably come as no surprise. The only difference is… Read more

Sell My App Passed the 1000 App & Game Templates Mark!

Dear friends , developers and Entrepreneurs This is an extremely exciting moment for all of us here at Sell My App! Just a few days ago we have passed the 1000 templates mark! We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for believing in us and trusting us along the way. We… Read more

Everything you Need to Know About iOS 10

After being announced at Apple’s 2016 WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) iOS 10 is now available for everybody to try out in public beta. Released on 7th July, and recently updated on the 19th, there are a host of new features and functionalities to try along with some key changes over iOS 9. It’s likely that… Read more

What Indie Developers Need to Know About Apple’s new App-Review Process

The app marketplace changes fast. It’s vulnerable not only to disruptive and game-changing apps (pun intended), as is evidenced by the recent uber-success of Pokemon Go, but also to shifts in direction on the part of the companies that underlie it, namely Google and Apple.  The recent news that Apple’s App Store has cut its… Read more

4 Facts You Need to Know Before Soft Launching Your App

A soft launch is an effective method of testing and analyzing the market before launching an app at full capacity. It allows app developers to save money and time, develop a marketing strategy, and predict future profits. The mobile network GoWide shares 4 aspects app developers should consider before the soft launch stage, as well… Read more

Clone Wars: As mobile gaming booms… – ABC NEWS PODCAST

It was a pleasure taking part in a podcast about app reskinning for the Australian ABC NEWS. Enjoy listening to our part starting at minute 8:30 in this soundcloud player below : From the original article: “Source code is the computer language which sits behind a program or app; it is the game’s secret recipe. Source codes are… Read more

The Art of Designing Addictive Apps: 26 Tips to get them hooked.

What makes an app addictive? If you own a phone then you’ll know what it’s like to spend an inordinate amount of time swiping and tapping your way to the next high score or leaderboard position. Usually when you should be doing real work! It often seems that the big developers, the people behind games… Read more

How much does it cost to make an app? Our massive research reveals it all

The app world is ever more demanding, take Tech Crunch’s word for it, which recently stated that 85% of consumers spend their time on mobile apps. After relentlessly researching which apps perform best, you construct an idea about what you want to develop. It’s only a matter of seconds you start to wonder how much… Read more

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